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Are you looking for the Grameenphone ecare service? So you are at the right place. We have shared all information about gp ecare service. Please Keep in mind that all information is collected from the internet and grameenphone official Website, which is . So please read the post carefully what we written about Grameenphone ecare service.

What is Grameenphone ecare Service?

grameenphone ecare

GP eCare service was launched in 2012. This allows viewers to see through their account’s detailed web. This means that 1 month call list, FNF nom, massage list and internet packages could be stopped by the service of GP through e-Care (GP eCare) service. After 12pm, the login er are showing when I login to the e-Care eCare service.

Well grameenphone ecare means gp electrical care system. Which means you can get some awesome service through grameenphone ecare service. But you must visit their official website for use the Service. You are able to check many information about your own sim. There you can check your SIM status as well as all latest information and activity. The activity you will get there like call history, internet history, recharge history etc. So its make your daily life very Easy. I personally use gp ecare service and i love it !

How to use Grameenphone Ecare Service Free ?

As you know before that gp ecare service is totally free of cost. If you are already a grameenphone customer than you can use the service for free lifetime ! But if you are the users of others sim like banglalink, airtel, robi or teletalk then you can’t use grameenphone e care service. Grameenphone only allow their users to use this service only. You you should be an users of the grameenphone sim to enjoy the service.

Does Grameenphone Ecare Service Is still available ?

gp ecare

Sorry! The gp ecare service is not available from 28 February 2018. It has been closed by Grameenphone. I dont know why they stopped this service. But its only for the customers you know that they are very worried about us. They always make sure their service to be number 1.

MyGP App | GP Ecare –

gp ecare

Instead of Grameenphone’s e-Care service, they started a new service called “MyGP Web” which was already available in the MyGP App. But now it is connected with MyGP app and all services of GP eCare are connected to MyGP Web. MyGP Web service address: However, they could not add the details of the call yet to MyGP Web. However, I gave a screenshot of MyGP Web below.

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