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gp bondho sim offer 2018

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GP Bondho Sim Offer 2018

We bengali’s are always looking for a little more offer. And since Grameenphone is the number one mobile network in Bangladesh, we are curious to know about the various offers of Grameenphone Internet like gp bondho sim offer 2018. We usually get this via our mobile message. Generally, official internet offfers or personal offers are communicated to the operators via their message.

But there are many offers beyond which you do not know about. So today we post this. In this post we will discuss about the various types of rural phone offers today. And one of them is Grameenphone Bondho SIM offer 2018.

The SIM which you have not used or stopped for the last 3 months or six months, is called a bondho sim. And if your SIM is not locked or if it is always on the go, then you will not be able to enjoy the GP Bondho SIM offer. So, this means that if you want to get a discontinued offer, then your SIM must be closed from the last few months.

So let’s see that these are the closed SIM offers. There are usually various offers of closed SIM. We are discussing a number of significant ones among them. Offer is given below.

Gp Bondho Sim will get 2GB Internet @ 17 Taka only. And they will also get 2GB additional Bonus for purchase. So If you take this offer you will get total 4GB Internet Offer ! That’s really amazing. But if you are not in this offer then you can’t enjoy bondho sim offer.

gp bondho sim offer

gp bondho sim offer 2018

gp bondho sim offers

Check Eligibility – GP Bondho Sim Offer

How to check if your SIM is in sealed enclosed SIM: BHK <space> 017XXXXXXX to do the message. The next message will tell you whether your SIM is in the closed SIM or not.

gp off sim offer

If You Are Eligible For the offer, Then you will get a congratulation messages.

GP Internet offer

If your SIM is turned off, then you will get the maximum offer: Internet Offer. Undoubtedly the internet offers a lot more for you. Different offers are offered at different times of one year for closed SIM. So, after a certain time the offers do not work anymore.

So if you want to get updated internet offers all the time, then bookmark this page. Whenever a new offer arrives, we will update you through this post and tell you.

GP Talktime offers

A special offer for a closed SIM is a talktime offer. If you are eligible for off-SIM offers then this special offer and for you. Talktime is usually meant to be spent every minute when we speak.

GP Bundle offer

Among the bundle offers you will find: gp sms offer, gp sms offer for 20018. However, the bundle offer is not applicable for all closed seams. Only Grameenphone officially for whom this offer is announced will be able to take advantage of it.
And if you have this offer, you can also accept this offer

GP sms offers

SMS I think everyone knows less about this offer. Grameenphone offers different SIM offers to them at different times. But it’s a smart thing to use MY GP APP in my mind. Because through Flexiplan you can take it just as much as you need. It will save you two of your spending time.

Grammenphone Internet Offer

Alright, Thank your for giving your valuable time here. I hope you’ll get benefit from the post. If you like gp bondho sim offer 2018, then please share it with your friends and family. Try to helps other, it will make you a helpful man. Try to spread your knowledge as  much you can.

GP Bondho SIM Offer


2 GB 17 TK


1 GB 17 TK


2 GB 29 TK


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  1. 2 GB 17 TK


    1 GB 17 TK


    2 GB 29 TK


    This is really helpful. Thanks to the admin is there any other offers available now ?

    1. 2 GB 17 TK


      1 GB 17 TK


      2 GB 29 TK


      Yes, i will publish content if any new update come. Thanks for your comment. Stay with us.

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